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Modern Alternative Education in India

The present system of education in India based on modern alternative education. India is the home of alternative education where alternative education is used at a wide range. Purpose of modern education to fulfill the all basic needs and requirements of people in a standardized way. In India, alternative education is providing at private and public sectors both. With the passage of time, modern alternative education is increasing and improving its standard. Alternative education provides the home-based learning environment which helps to build the strong relationship between teacher and student.

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With the increase of internet technology and connectivity, alternative education is providing a wide range of platform for its users. Alternative education provides each student their own educational plan, vocational plan social learning schedule. Modern alternative education provides a place where children can educate in the suitable environment with standardized curriculum.

Importance of Alternative Education:

Nowadays alternative education is very important for all because most of the time educational institutes do not have many objectives to teach the student so alternative programs help a lot to students for seeking their goals. Modern alternative education provides advanced methods of teaching for students. A student who suffers from lack of confidence can easily without any confusion learn at their home place. Alternative education strengthens the skills of students at a broad level. Alternative education made the world global village. Alternative teaching methods are easily available for students at a wide variety of range.


Need for Alternative Education in India:

Most of the time traditional education does not provide such facilities in educational institutes for the student because every student of the society has its own goals, objective, interest, and area of development. So Alternative education provides all information related to the need of student through the help of different websites, videos, and audios and online status. The dream of a number of lists of education portals India is to provide as much as practical and quality knowledge for students with proper planning.

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Infrastructure Problem in India:

The use of modern Alternative education in India become too popular among students because in many cities of India educational atmosphere is not properly maintained schools do not have good infrastructure classrooms, kitchen, toilet, sitting arrangements are no well settled and no doubt physical safety is the basic need of student and an educational institution must be providing such facilitates. Whereas alternative education provides a safe area for the study where the student does not need any kind of infrastructure anywhere anytime student can learn with the help of professional teachers.


Role of Alternative Education in India:

In India, with the passage of time, the trend of traditional education is changing into alternative education. Alternative education of India is providing homeschooling, independent schooling, and self-education free in those areas where students do not have access to information. By seeking from alternative schools’ students can mobilize their self-esteem. But India is not fully accepted the trend of alternative education because the modern trend of teaching divided the mind of the students into different pieces. Therefore, in India, alternative education is not a peak people give more importance to practical work rather they copy any kind material from Google.

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